Why Should Halloween Be Eradicated?

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Getting rid of Halloween would upset a fair many people, but that would do nothing but make me laugh. Because there’s no way anyone can avoid Halloween. You have to participate. And if you don’t? They throw crap at your house! That’s not funny, that’s vandalism! Kids these days, they’re all a bunch of hoodlums. Nothing would make me happier than getting rid of Halloween and making them all miserable…

Only 15 countries around the world officially celebrate Halloween, taking place on October 31 every year. In the UK, people decorate their homes with all manner of ghastly items such as spider webs, pumpkins and skeletons. Children and teenagers, usually by themselves or with an older sibling or friend, go around to stranger’s houses and ask for sweets and candy. Funny, isn’t it? I was always told not to do that, but there we are.

If you don’t give the kids sweets and candy, the majority will play tricks on you. No matter who they are or what age they are, they will throw eggs at your house, your doorbell will be rung repeatedly, toilet paper will be thrown over your property, and you will be forever labelled as ‘that miserable git who hates Halloween’. It’s also very common for lit fireworks to be thrown at houses, too, and for things such as lit fireworks to be put through letterboxes. Among less pleasant things…

Some parents think it’s all a ‘bit of fun’, but it is always the kids of those parents who are the ones causing mischief. Even if those parents go out with their kids, I 100% guarantee that those kids will come back later to cause mischief. You may say “it’s only one day a year” but I don’t care. Nobody has the right to cause anyone distress, regardless of the day. Not to mention the fact it teaches kids mischief, dishonesty, greed, rudeness, impoliteness and that talking to strangers gets you rewards – heck, it also teaches them that dressing up like a prat is socially acceptable when it NEVER is!

Halloween may be fun for some, but the majority are hell-bent on making it as miserable as possible for those, like me, who do not want to participate. And it’s gone too far. So you know what, give me the option to eradicate it, I would. Because I’m fed up of it!

I never participated in Halloween as a kid. No decorations, no trick or treating, no mischief, no parties, no dressing up – no nothing. And I’m a better person than I would’ve been if I had participated. Halloween is a pathetic, outdated and ridiculous holiday. It can, to be quite frank, go and screw itself…

And that’s why it should be eradicated.

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