Are You a Meringue?

Post 571

The meringue. A dessert made of whipped egg whites and sugar. No one, in the history of humankind, has ever debated their existence and concluded they are a meringue. But consider this. You can never truly know if you’re alive and dreaming or dead and remembering. How can you differentiate between a dream and what’s real if you cannot tell when you’re awake and when you’re asleep? Consider these virtual reality computer games. How do you know the human race isn’t one at the hand of a higher intelligence? At the most fundamental level of existence, we can’t prove anything or know anything. As unlikely as it sounds, I have just as much proof that I’m a human as I do that I’m a meringue…

It may sound beyond the realm of possibility that there could be some mighty race looking down on us. But what about cloning, genetic modification and greater and greater artificial intelligence? Aren’t we, as a human race, already playing God? In the eyes of the machines we create and the organisms we modify, we are their God. To them, we are massive. Vastly superior. Kings of the universe. So surely, it’s possible that there could be another layer. Another race looking down on us like we look down on what we have created and modified. You can’t prove that, but equally, you can’t disprove it.

If our motivations are what they are, and we take all life as similar to humankind, then why shouldn’t the motivations of other races be the same? We all came from the Big Bang. The same origin point. If you have the technology and the capability, then someone, somewhere, will utilise it. If there are a billion species in this universe, then statistically speaking, a good few must have the ability to create a holographic world. And maybe a whole universe. And maybe Earth is in that universe. And maybe we’re all a simulation. Not flesh and bone but ones and zeros.

The point, readers, is that you cannot answer the following questions. Are we real? What are we? What is the human race? What is the universe? You can’t answer those questions and back up your answers with undeniable and undisputable evidence. It’s like Schrödinger’s cat, except the box can never be opened. We do not know what we are. What is reality? We could, literally, be anything. You and I have just as much proof that humankind is a hologram, a banana, a guitar or a gaseous dust cloud that evolved to a state of existence whereby it created a shared consciousness that manifests itself as the universe we think we live in. And the best part is, you can’t prove me wrong. Because we’ll never truly know what we are.

As crazy as it sounds, it’s entirely possible we could all actually be a meringue.

Pleasant dreams, readers.

Unless, of course, you’re already dreaming…

Ciao :)(:

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