What Is Really Going on in the Bermuda Triangle?

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The Bermuda Triangle. A patch of ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, said to be a hotspot of mysterious goings on. Thousands of people vanished. Hundreds of boats, planes and ships sunk. Devilish waters indeed. Naturally, the conclusion of many is that of extraterrestrial origin. Oh, boy, is there anything conspiracist nuts won’t blame on aliens? “My soda is flat! Damn you Martians!”

It all started with Christopher Columbus. He had a log. Like Captain Kirk. ‘October 8, fourteen… ninety… two. My God, my compass, she… gave me… strange readings. Spock thought I was being… most illogical.’ Columbus didn’t tell his crew. Which was a good decision. Three days later, they spotted a strange light in the area and wanted to go home…

Odd compass readings became the go to explanation for what was happening in the area, but dealing with magnetic declination is pretty much the first thing a sailor learns. It’s not the cause. Plus, the few unusual magnetic values that have been reported are no greater in number than anywhere else on Earth.

In the 1950s, books started to be published, with the authors claiming incidents of great magnitude occurring in the area. Things had gone missing, from torpedo bombers to commercial airlines. Some were even claiming that up to 1,000 lives had been lost in the waters. With aliens entering the mix in conspiracy circles, the Bermuda Triangle rocketed in popularity and hit its peak in the 1970s.

But it was all nonsense. The number of missing craft and people had been greatly exaggerated. No proper research had been done. In fact, the actual number of things that have gone missing in the Triangle is no greater than any other stretch of water on Earth. The books of the ‘50s were greatly sensationalised.

If you’re still not convinced, there are many things in the area that pose a danger to crafts and life. The Gulf Stream, rapid and extremely turbulent. Then there’s the unpredictable storms the area endures, storms that often cause waterspouts. All this combined means the ocean floor is constantly changing and constantly providing new challenges and hazards for travellers. An ocean that is very, very deep. And you also must consider human error. Many underestimate the waters and venture out under-equipped in small boats and with a lack of knowledge of the hazards the area provides.

All this evidence, readers, is undeniable. The Bermuda Triangle is an ordinary stretch of water no stranger than any other stretch of water. An area popular with conspiracists and those in love with legends, purely because of sensationalised nonsense and reckless scaremongering.

So what is really going on in the Bermuda Triangle?

Nothing out of the ordinary, as it turns out…

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