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It became America’s 23rd state on March 15, 1820. Where Margaret Chase was born, the first woman to be placed in nomination for the presidency at a major party’s convention, in 1964. It’s also the birthplace of Stephen King. Home of Machias Seal Island, the only American landmass whose sovereignty is disputed as both America and Canada claim it. The only American state with one American state border, the only one with a one syllable name, and the only one with no native venomous spiders. The state produces more wild blueberries than anywhere else on Earth. It’s also home of the world’s largest revolving globe. And it’s where Percy Spencer was born, the inventor of the microwave oven. Today, we’re in the Pine Tree State, Maine.

Maine is a state in north eastern America, bordered by New Hampshire, New Brunswick and Quebec, plus the Atlantic Ocean. It is the 39th largest state at just over 35,000 square miles, with the 41st largest population with just over one million people. In 2001, the state flag was voted the 13th worst flag in America and Canada. The motto of this state is ‘Dirigo’, Latin for ‘I Lead’.

It’s a state famed for its proud shipbuilding history and delicious seafood cuisine, in particular, lobster. Mainers are passionate about their sports, too. They are a nice, happy and cheery bunch, who enjoy a slower and more traditional pace of life. They also really love their seasons. Winter, especially.

The state is known for its outstanding rugged scenery, a land of jagged and rocky coastlines, rolling mountains, heavily forested interior and serene waterways. It’s a quaint and quiet place, with a unique character. A land that remains popular with outdoor recreation enthusiasts and tourists. And it’s not hard to see why.

There are sights to see such as Acadia National Park, a beautiful elysian landscape of supreme solace and grandeur. One of what feels like a million and one national parks in this state. There’s also Moosehead Lake, covering 75,000 acres, a jewel in the crown, perfectly kempt waters gently adorning the land, with little islands and features picked out like bright threads on a white canvas. A place that could ameliorate one with its perfect solitude. And then there’s Ripogenus Gorge, a rock-walled canyon 700 feet wide. Blimey, what could one say about this? The raging waters flanked by the tough ragged rocks and overhanging trees create a scene of the most unusual flavour. Like a beautiful scar carving its way through the Earth. An incredibly captivating and gorgeous place indeed.

But I think the best sight of Maine is White Mountain National Forest. Established in 1918, it covers a staggering 750,852 acres of pristine wilderness. The most profound tale in the book of etherealness, a nepenthe landscape draped in an unearthly joy and oozing a charm all of its own. A land blessed by beauty bestowed upon it by the collective consciousness of mad angels. A gallimaufry of splendour and delight. From the gentle caresses of the green and pleasant lands, to the harshness of the jagged snow sprinkled mountains, pierced with the trees reaching for the sky yet calmed by the still waters that snake through the landscape like veins, it truly is utterly amazing. A breathtaking landscape of the highest stature.

Maine. The state of seasons, lobsters and microwave ovens.

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2) White Mountain National Forest (credit:
3) White Mountain National Forest (credit:

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