Do You Like Bowties?

Post 595

595 posts and I haven’t covered bow ties? I can only apologise, readers. That is a horrific oversight. Bow ties matter. The neckwear of choice for architects, attorneys, collectors, grumpy old men, magicians, newspaper editors, politicians, principals, teachers, university professors and waiters, plus my favourite Doctor Who. Bow ties are definitely cool…

Fashion experts, plus people with real jobs, believe bow ties are not commonplace these days because they suggest conservatism and nerdiness. They’re not considered sexy and suggest the wearer is not a lady’s man. But I think that’s insulting. I mean, women wear bow ties too, you know. But there is a lot of love for the humble bow tie out there.

More people search online for ‘bow tie’ than ‘necktie’. In fact, in America, on average, bow ties regularly outsell neckties. Over there, Mississippi has the highest number of bow tie wearers, with South Carolina, Alabama, Connecticut and Kentucky rounding out the top five. One American, Marv Beloff, loved bow ties so much he invented the wooden bow tie back in 1993.

The most common day a bow tie is worn is New Year’s Eve, followed by Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. I must say, the image of nerds ‘bow tying it up’ for dinner with a date on Valentine’s Day is so incredibly sweet. And do women appreciate the effort? NO! Of course not. They just think you’re a bow tie wearing tool…

And bow ties have had a massive cultural impact, too. And not just in Doctor Who. Both Budweiser and Chevrolet’s logos were based on the shape of a bow tie. Budweiser even made a bow tie shaped can, once.

But not everyone loves the bow tie. Only one percent of men know how to tie one, with 78% of all sales of the ‘pre-tied’ variety, a statistic that will, no doubt, seriously piss off bow tie connoisseurs. Yes, there is such a thing. And if you are one, don’t go to Iran. Not that you were planning to, but best avoid Iran is my advice. Bow ties are banned in Iran. Well that sucks…

I’ve never worn a bow tie nor have any clue how to tie one. I can barely tie a necktie. But I love the bow tie. It’s suggests a traditional way of life that’s perhaps gone, not a tired old relic of that old world but a marvellous remnant of it. One that puts a smile on my face. It takes someone with supreme confidence to go out into the world wearing a bow tie these days, and I’m glad those bow ties heroes exist. Without them, I think the world would be just a little bit darker.

On August 28, 2015, it is National Bow Tie Day. We should celebrate. Profess our love of the bow tie. Wear one to work instead of the usual necktie. Praise them on social media – get it trending on Twitter. Proudly exclaim from the tops of our voices:


Ciao :)(:

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