What Do You Think of Tuesday?

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Can you guess what day actress Tuesday Weld was born on? Yes, you guessed it, Friday. Yes, Friday. But ‘Friday’ isn’t a very catchy name for a child, is it? It might make no sense, but consider this – if you conceived your child in a car, and you wanted to name your child after that car (something that happens a lot), you would name your child Ferrari. You wouldn’t name her Ford Pickup, would you? You know what, actually, don’t name your child after where they were conceived. That’s my advice. “Hello, my name is Alley Behind a Cinema…”

As you’ve probably figured out, Tuesday Weld was actually born under a different name, Susan Weld. She legally changed her name to ‘Tuesday’ in 1959, an ‘expanded’ form of Tu-Tu, the name her young cousin gave her because she couldn’t pronounce ‘Susan’.

So, Tuesday. The second day of the week. It was named after the Middle English word ‘Tewesday’ or ‘Tiw’s Day’. Tiw was the God of combat, heroic glory and victory in Norse mythology, commonly associated with the God Mars. Hence why ‘Tuesday’ is named ‘dies Martis’ in Latin, or the ‘day of Mars’, ‘Martes’ in Spanish, ‘Martedi’ in Italian and ‘Mardi’ in French. If Mardi sounds familiar to you, what day does Mardi Gras fall on, again? Exactly. Shrove Tuesday.

We often associate Friday and 13 with misfortune, but in the Greek and Spanish speaking worlds, the unlucky day is Tuesday the 13th, because Tuesday was the day of the Fall of Constantinople. But Tuesday is considered a lucky day in Judaism, because in the first chapter of Genesis, the paragraph about this day contains the phrase ‘it was good’ twice. A bit of a stretch to call it a lucky day because of that, no? Might just be me on that point.

Tuesday is the most productive day of the working week (Friday, predictably, is the least productive). It’s thought that on a Monday, you have all the meetings and on Tuesday, you start to act on them. All fresh and dandy. But by Friday, you’re worn out. This may be why we have Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases patches for their products. Yes, somebody actually named this day. I bet the guy who came up with that name is a bag of fun.

And I’m sure we’ve all heard the song ‘Monday’s Child’. On Monday, the child is full of face. No, I have no idea what that means either. Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Thursday’s child is a lazy sod and has far to go (I was born on this day). Friday’s child is a workaholic and will not take a damn break. Saturday’s child is loving and giving. As for Tuesday’s child? Full of grace. How lovely, eh? Incidentally, the child born on the Sabbath day is bonnie and blithe and good and gay. Look, it was written in 1838, some of those words haven’t stood the test of time very well. It happens…

Tuesday is often thought of as a very boring day. Wednesday is depressing and Friday drags. You spend most of Monday asleep. Thursday is exciting because that means there’s only one day to the weekend. But Tuesday? It’s a funny old day. It’s just ‘there’. Boring and dull old Tuesday. But I like Tuesday. Its name comes from an interesting place. Good things happen on Tuesdays. It’s productive. And full of grace. I think Tuesday gets a bad rap. But it deserves better. I love Tuesday!

But do you like Tuesday, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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    • A-thank you…

      I’ve added a ‘search bar’ on the top right of my Archives Page. If you go there and type in Fridays and Mondays, you’ll be taken to two posts I published on those two days as well.

      Forgive the Monday one – the formatting is terrible but it’s readable.

      • Ah, drat, I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what happened.

        I can certainly see the Search Bar on my computer, so I’m guessing that WordPress has probably taken you to my first blog, ‘The Indelible Life of Me’, rather than the one you posted the comment on, ‘To Contrive & Jive’. That shouldn’t happen, though.

        Of course, WordPress could be having one of its funny days, so I’ll post the links to the two posts here instead:

        Click Here for ‘Do You Like Mondays?’

        Click Here for ‘Why Are Fridays so Awesome?’

        Hope it works. I’m not sure what went wrong. I have no way of knowing what people see or what messages they get from WordPress when I reply to a comment, but I’ll look into it.

        Naughty WordPress…

      • I loved both of them! My friends started staring at me just now because I was laughing so hard. Your comments about sex on a full stomach and and being a 41 year old virgin in 2031 made me laugh the hardest. I love the way you write, definitely made days of the week more interesting for me :)

      • Oh man, how long have you got?

        1. I have no social skills whatsoever. I cannot talk to anyone without crumbling into a sweaty heap. Many would say I have social anxiety, but I don’t like labels. Hence why I have three blogs, so I can be myself. Much easier to do that online.

        2. Nobody really seems to like me away from the internet. Women especially. They show interest because they like quiet and shy guys, but after they ask 50 questions and I don’t say a word, they give up.

        3. I have no friends. Mind you, I never have, so I don’t think I need one.

        4. I’ve never even had a girlfriend or even been on a date. Or even been asked out on a date. I’m not overly concerned with these things, though.

        5. I rarely leave the house. I might utter a couple words a week to my parents who I live with, if it’s a good week.

        6. I have no idea what you’d even do on a date. I’m very old-fashioned. The things people like to do these days are like hell to me. That’s why if I had a time machine, I’d go back to the Victorian era and stay there. I’d fit right in.

        7. Being with me in real life is insufferable. You’ll want to strangle me after about five minutes.

        8. I look like a cross between a hideous troll and the rear end of a horse. And I’m being kind when I say that.

        The longer you’re here, the more you’ll get used to me bullying myself. I do it all the time. It’s the most fun I have, to be honest.

        (There is a ‘Contact Me’ page at the top of my blogs, somewhere abouts, by the way).

      • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what any of my blog names mean anymore it’s been so long since I started blogging.

        I think I’m using ‘indelible’ to mean ‘not able to be forgotten’. Basically, ‘the unforgettable life of me’ because it is pretty unforgettable. Not always in a good way, I might add.

        ‘To Contrive & Jive’, my second blog, is basically meant to make no sense. Because the blog makes no sense. It also rhymes. I like rhymes.

        ‘Hark Around the Words’, my third blog, has gone through so many name changes that I’ve completely lost track of how I arrived at the latest name.

        (I’m only on email, by the way. As I said, I’m old-fashioned. I only got an email last year – it might take me a few decades to figure out what Snapchat is).

      • I’m going to advertise snapchat to you then – it’s actually my favourite app on my phone right now. It’s probably the easiest to get a hang of as well. Take a picture, tap the screen to add a caption and send to whoever you want for between 1-10 seconds. Or alternatively hold the circle thing down to take a video too :)) It makes me so happy it made my smiley have two chins haha

      • It’s ok if you don’t talk that much. I could talk for The both of us if you let me 😂. Being shy isn’t a problem to me. It means you can stand my constant babbling 😁

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