Would You Eat Human Flesh?

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You know who I feel sorry for? The intern. Because we all know the government monitors our internet activities. And it’s inevitable that my Google searching along the lines of ‘eating human flesh’ will perk up the snooping government nincompoops. Who clearly have nothing better to do. So you’d think that I would be expecting a knock on the door from several police people any day now. Not so. Imagine the police office. “Oh my God, a cannibal? You think I’m going around to speak to a cannibal? He’ll eat me! Erm, Daniel?” “Yes, boss?” “You’re new here, aren’t you?” “Yes, I’m an intern, sir. Three days on the job.” “That’s wonderful. Hey, I have a very special assignment for you…”

Now, this question may seem a tad macabre. But I’m not talking about killing people and having them for lunch. Murder is wrong, obviously. But there are a great deal of people, mainly explorers, who have visited cannibal tribes and have eaten human flesh. If they didn’t, they’d be next on the menu. And many people on many forums have wondered, if given it, would one eat human flesh? I was a tad surprised to see that many people say ‘yes’. More than say ‘no’, in fact. I can honestly say the thought has never crossed my mind. But after 600 and something posts, I’ll take any question I can find, to be honest.

Most cannibals say that human flesh tastes of pork. Many say the legs taste of chicken. Some say humans taste of veal, whilst others say beef. One even said it was ‘goaty’. One said fillet mignon. No, I’ve never heard of it, either. Sounds scrumptious. The fillet, not the human…

One cannibal said that the buttocks are tasteless, the hip flesh is flavourless, the breasts are greasy but the thighs were ‘wonderful’. Well, that’s… interesting. The point is, every human tastes different. But most say ‘porky’.

I know this question is deeply disturbing and unnerving, and that murder is obviously wrong and that all cannibals who killed their victims deserve what’s coming to them. Reading their stories has made my skin crawl. But one cannot ignore the fact that there are forums and the like online where people, rather casually, discuss eating human flesh. Would one taste it? More people have pondered this question than you may have realised. Quite a lot of people. Maybe even you, briefly. A passing thought, jokingly curious. But could I do it?

No. I just can’t eat an intelligent animal. Pigs are fine because they’re ridiculously stupid. But I couldn’t eat a dolphin. Even though they’re actually evil and will, one day, come out of the sea and kill us all. Put it this way, I’m a halfway vegetarian. I’ll eat the dumb animals, but not the clever ones.

So, no, I would not eat human flesh and I’m not even curious about the taste.

Gee, I hope the next question is much nicer. Ooh, it’s about a French beast.

I hope that’s not a euphemism…

Ciao :)(:

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