Are You Too Sexy for Your Shirt?

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I’m disappointed that there are people alive who have never heard the song ‘I’m Too Sexy’ by British band Right Said Fred. I’m not even going to post the video, because everyone should know it and all the lyrics. Information just as important to know as one’s multiplication tables or the planets. This was a pivotal moment in music. It even got to number one in America. But the sad thing is, most Americans thought it was serious. The music video has three shirtless men strutting around London, with one singing about how sexy he is. But it was typical dry British irony, so dry it was lost on most of the world. It was a character. The aim was to point out how awful supermodels were. ‘This is how they act, this is how they talk, this is how they think’. So many were convinced that it was serious, that the band adopted this super vein persona. When one considers this, the song takes on a new meaning. A new depth. You become the thing you hate in the name of ridicule. It’s like Gorillaz being crappily animated in protest of poor animation. Or Slipknot wearing silly masks to mock crazy nutjobs…

Despite getting to number one in the States, back in England, the song only got to number two in the charts. ‘I Do It For You’ by Bryan Adams came in at one. Bastard. ‘I’m Too Sexy’ was released four days before my first birthday, in 1991. It’s sung from the perspective of a ‘histrionic-narcissistic male fashion model’, and demonstrates his over confidence in how sexy he is. It’s meant to be funny. A joke. Make no sense whatsoever.

‘I’m too sexy for my love’ it starts. ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’, follows. In the video, his shirt is then ripped off. So… he’s so sexy, he shouldn’t – wear a shirt? ‘So sexy it hurts’, he continues. Indeed. He is rather hunky.

He then claims to be too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan. Then he’s too sexy for your party and boy, there’s no way he’s disco dancing. I should think so, too. Who was disco dancing in 1991? Bryan Adams, probably.

‘I’m too sexy for my car’ is when the song takes an unusual turn. ‘And I’m too sexy for my hat’, he continues. ‘What d’ya think about that?’ I honestly have no words, Fred. I really don’t.

‘I’m too sexy for my cat’ (seriously). ‘Poor pussy, poor pussycat.’ I must say, the cat in the video doesn’t really look too bothered by that statement. The song ends with, ‘I’m too sexy for this song’, at which point, it ends. Rather abruptly.

But as for me? No, I don’t think I’m too sexy for anything. Shirt. Hat. Cat. Cat? What the hell does that even mean? But one thing is for sure. I love this song. And you should too. It’s definitely an earworm. Heck, if I had my own country, it’d be the national anthem.

Imagine sports stars singing that at the beginning of a game…

But are you too sexy for your shirt, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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