Could You Survive in a Post-Apocalypse World?

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The end is here! Large swathes of humankind are gone, and somehow, somehow, I’ve survived. I know that’s incredibly unlikely considering how incredibly unlucky I am, but it happened, and I now must decide what to do next. My initial reaction would be to scream constantly for a couple weeks. Then curl up in a ball and cry for a couple more weeks. Hmm, I’d then try to find a way to get the internet back online. Hey, I’m the only person left on Earth, getting YouTube back would be a vital way to pass the time…

Most would rush to the supermarkets, but this is a big post-apocalypse no-no. Medicine is the biggest concern because the water supply will probably be contaminated, there’ll be diseases in the air and thousands of rotting corpses will be everywhere. Bottled water and medicine are a must in the immediate aftermath.

Getting out of town would be next. Cities would be useless without electricity and technology, so it’s best to bunk somewhere remote in the countryside. Scavenging eco-tech and harvesting rainwater would be a good idea, too. A nice small shack would be easy to find and easy to heat with wood. A simple existence.

Setting up some agriculture is also necessary. The food in the supermarkets will be rotten in only a matter of weeks, and tinned goods will only last a few years. But one thing is for sure. Farming won’t be easy without modern technology and fertilisers. Finding books on natural farming and food preservation would be essential.

Clothing would also be an issue, but basic clothes can be manufactured from natural materials and the humble loom. Animal hide would be vital in the harsh winter months. And what about transport? The fuel reserves will only last a year, tops. Sure, you have eco-cars, but what about maintenance? No, the horse and cart look like the best option for transport.

Would I survive the apocalypse? I think I’d get so far but then I’d falter. Stealing a big enough vehicle to load with supplies taken from the nearest supermarket, medicine and bottled water, would be easy enough. Finding somewhere to live out in the country, also easy enough. And yeah, rainwater collection and wood burning for survival, not too tricky. But I wouldn’t know what to do with the solar panels or wind turbines. I’m no electrician and books will only take you so far. Plus, I’m thin, weak, pale and pasty. And farming in this new environment will be impossible unless you’re already a farmer. And as for horse and carts? Gee, horses sure hate me. That wouldn’t end well, I tell you that.

Humankind got to where we are because of ingenuity, and I have none of that. I’d be dead fairly quickly. I’d have to think of new ways to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do in that new world, and I can’t think of those things now, never mind after the end of the world. The modern human is powerless. If society collapses, if the electricity goes out, if we have to fend and survive for ourselves, most of us wouldn’t be able to manage it. We’re just too reliant on others and the internet, and I am especially guilty of this.

And Lord help me if I don’t turn out to be last person alive. What if there are others? Bandits. Bandits everywhere! “Give us your food!” “Okey-doke, sir,” I’d probably reply.

No, I don’t think I’d survive in a post-apocalyptic world. In fact, I think I don’t even want to survive the apocalypse in the first place…

But would you survive in a post-apocalypse world, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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