Can You Prove the Earth Isn’t Flat?

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Flat Earth 1The Earth. As round and bumpy as my head. But not everyone believes that. 1% of the world’s population are members of the Flat Earth Society, believing the Earth to be completely flat. That’s 73 million people! They claim, today, in 2015, that the Earth is flat and sitting still, rather than round and spinning. They also believe the Sun, the Moon and all the stars are flat discs and move around the Earth. In 2015! And they’re not kidding!

To ancient cultures such as the Babylonians, everything they saw above them appeared to move around the Earth. Of course it did, they had no technology, only their eyes and their best primitive guesswork.

It was in 1519 when Portuguese explorer Magellan set sail along with five other ships on a voyage around the world. And they did it. Without falling off an edge! Nicolaus Copernicus said, quite correctly, that the movement of the stars was because we were viewing them from a moving Earth.

Here’s a simple experiment. Why does the Moon appear round? It’s because of the Earth’s shadow being cast upon it. And if the Moon were flat, this shadow and its shape would always appear the same. Heck, all lands on Earth would see the Sun at all times, too…

And why do you think lighthouses are raised up? Because of the curvature of the Earth. If lighthouses were on the ground, the sailors wouldn’t see them. But you would if the Earth was flat.

If it was, people should fall off all the time. But, ah! If we are spinning at 1,000 miles per hour and 6,700 miles per hour around the Sun, shouldn’t we be falling off? No. Gravity on the massive Earth pulls us tiny humans toward its centre, hence why we fall back down when we jump. And also why the Moon hasn’t floated off. Yet.

Ah, but why don’t birds fly backwards? Because they’re moving at the same speed as the Earth. If you drop a pen on a moving bus, it doesn’t fall behind you, it falls directly beneath you. This is why we can’t feel the Earth spinning. We’re travelling at the same speed it is.

Ah, but what about all those photos NASA and many other organisations have taken of the round Earth from space? Well, Flat Earthers believe there is a massive cover-up, for a reason they won’t specify. They think all these photos are faked.

Oh, I give up…

Ciao :)(:

1) What Flat Earthers believe the Earth actually looks like (credit:

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