When Did Time Begin?

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Imagine the first wrist watchmaker. What was going through his head? “Hey, Martha, I’ve had a great idea, love.” “Now, John? I have an entire cave to sweep.” “But, but – it’s gonna make us rich, even though we don’t have money yet and no concept of actually being ‘rich’.” “Go on, then.” “I’m going to build a mobile sundial-like device so small it’ll strap onto your wrist.” “Oh, are you now?” There was no need for that invention, was there? They knew how to tell the time by using the Sun. For them, it must’ve been a really pointless invention. A bit like inventing the electric toaster before electricity was even invented…

The universe did not always exist. Obviously. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, stating that disorder increases with time, indicates that the universe had a beginning. Otherwise, the universe would be in a state of complete disorder by now. The night sky as bright as the Sun. Therefore, there must have been a beginning.

Galaxies are moving apart from one another, meaning they were closer together in the past. If you track back through time to when these galaxies were all one giant mush of stuff, one arrives at the Big Bang.

The infinite density of time at that moment was a singularity, a point where even the laws of physics broke down. It was nothing like what came before. If, indeed, there even was a ‘before’. We can never know. The Big Bang was something new. Could this be the beginning of time as we know it? The point when the laws of the universe were created.

Well, most scientists agree that is it likely that time began when the universe did, in the Big Bang.

Simple as that.

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