What’s Up With Screaming?

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Scream 1Screaming. That thing you do when your brother sneaks up on you and shouts ‘boo’, nearly making you wet yourself in the process. Damn him. Screaming, also known as bellowing, hollering, hooting, shouting and yelling, is when air is passed through the vocal chords with substantially more force than usual. We scream in anger. We scream in fear. We scream in joy. We scream in pain. We scream in pleasure. And we scream in surprise. Hmm, I think I’ll start dissecting this question with the, erm, yes – the pleasure scream. No particular reason…

We scream to express pleasure. But it’s not just humans. Female monkeys scream during a bit of hanky-panky, too. It helps the male, erm, finish, erm, his, erm, ‘job’. Yes. Quite. In one amusing study, the male monkeys ‘finished’ 86% of the time when a female screamed, compared with only 2% without a scream. I wonder what happened with the remaining 13%. Poor guys. It’s worse for humans, though. Countless studies have found human women scream most of the time during sex as an encouragement to the man to ‘do a better job’. Damn them all.

There is also the birth scream. Most women describe this moment as euphoric, and, interestingly, some scientists say that a lot of women experience pain, pleasure and enthusiasm during this moment, all at the same time. Ina Gaskin, a big promoter of natural birth, actively encourages women to make out with their partners during birth. You know, I’ve suddenly become extremely confused about human birthing…

Screaming is displayed in art, too, as seen in Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream of Nature’. Screaming also features in rock music. It’s even the name of a band, Primal Scream, named after an intense and basic frustration, anger and aggression.

So, what’s up with screaming? Quite a lot, actually. From pain to surprise. From euphoria to primal urges. From tortured art to horny monkeys.

Screaming is most certainly intriguing.

Ciao :)(:

1) Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream of Nature’ (credit: art-sheep.com)

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