Does the Storsjöodjuret Exist?

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The Storsjöodjuret 1‘A long, long time ago, two trolls, Jata and Kata, stood on the shores of the Great Lake brewing a concoction in their cauldrons… They knew not what would result from their brew but they wondered about it a great deal. One evening, there was heard a strange sound from one of their cauldrons. There was a wailing, a groaning and a crying, then suddenly came a loud bang. A strange animal with a black serpentine body and a cat-like head jumped out of the cauldron and disappeared into the lake. The monster enjoyed living in the lake, grew unbelievably larger and awakened terror among the people whenever it appeared…’

Those are the words of vicar Morgens Pederson, from 1635. What he said had huge repercussions for centuries to come. A legend was born. A legend of Lake Storsjön in Sweden. One of a kind. A huge serpentine creature or aquatic reptile, six and a half yards long, fins along its back, possibly with several humps, too. Something unusual perhaps living in the murky depths of the 300 foot deep lake.

The creature gained widespread notoriety in the 1890s due to a spate of sightings. So many, in fact, that a group of locals gathered together, possibly in a remote cabin by a log burning fire, armed with strong alcohol and a passionate desire to save the community. They decided to catch themselves a monster. When King Oscar II heard about this, he expressed his support of the endeavour of the locals. Despite this, the group never caught the monster and since then, there have been hundreds of sightings…

In a remarkable turn of events, in 1986, the administrative province of Jämtland, where Lake Storsjön is, declared the creature an endangered species and granted it protected status. Belief was that strong in this creature. Until 2005, when this status was revoked.

Scientists don’t care too much for this monster. They call it nothing but a local legend. They even ignored a 2008 film purporting to show a mysterious endothermic creature in the gloomy waters. It’s unlikely anyone will ever investigate this often ridiculed beast. Yet, despite all this, the faith people have in the creature’s existence has never waned and they remain as confident as ever that it, indeed, exists…

So I’ll give this creature a 70 on my patented Cryptid-o-Meter, putting it 11th in the list of 20, with de Loys’ Ape still bottom and the Beast of Gévauden still holding top spot.

The Storsjöodjuret. A fascinating cryptid indeed.

Ciao :)(:

1) One artist’s impression of the Storsjöodjuret (credit:

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