Does Chessie Exist?

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Chesapeake Bay, America. 1943. Fishermen Francis Klarmann and Edward Ward spotted something in the chilly waters. ‘The thing was about 75 yards away,’ they reported. ‘At first, it looked like something floating on the water. It was black and the part of it that was out of the water seemed about 12 feet long. It had a head as big as a football and shaped somewhat like a horse’s head. It turned its head around several times – almost all the way round.’ And that little tale sparked something quite incredible. The emergence of Chesapeake Bay’s very own sea monster…

Most eyewitnesses report that this creature is serpentine like and some say it has flippers. Most say it’s between 25 and 40 feet long. It glides its way through the water like a snake crawling along the ground. Tens upon tens of sightings in the ‘70s and ‘80s, plus a dodgy video, only served to fan the flames of this legend.

Trudy Guthrie took a photo of the elusive beast in 1980, but what she photographed was later identified as a manatee, highly unusual in that area. Indeed, a manatee was captured in the bay and many have been seen since. Could that explain the mysterious sightings? Or could it be something else?

April 5. 2014. Early in the morning. The tide very high indeed. Two people reported seeing something unusual in the water, not far from the shore. Again, it was snakelike and around 30 feet in length. Its head was slender and football shaped, black in colour. Perhaps it had scales or perhaps it had leathery skin. It was difficult to tell. Only small glimpses of the creature could be seen just above the water, moving like a serpentine animal. Nothing known of in the area matched that description. Panicked, the witnesses didn’t take a photo. In their words, ‘We were trying to figure out what the hell it was.’

Scientists don’t give this creature much credence. They blame misidentification or think it is perhaps a hoax perpetuated by fanatics of the original 1943 sighting, which many believe was a huge manatee. Some, however, believe in it. Some think it’s a mutant eel. Others, a large river otter. Or maybe it’s a surviving prehistoric basilosaurus. Some even think it’s a family of anacondas that escaped sailing ships in the 18th or 19th century. In truth, there are no photos and no real evidence of this creature’s existence. Whatever people saw is likely to remain a mystery forever.

So I’ll give this creature a 65 on my patented Cryptid-o-Meter, putting it 14th in the list of 22, with the Basilisk still bottom and the Beast of Gévauden still holding top spot.

Chessie. A fascinating cryptid indeed.

Ciao :)(:

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