Do You Wish You Could Read Minds?

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I know what the men reading are thinking. Sex. It’s all they ever think about. I say as one but not as one speaking for one. Just think about that special night you’re having with your special someone. It’s an art. The craft of lovemaking. I’d assume. What if that craft was rudely interrupted by the arrival of mind reading? Hmm? You’d know exactly what she’d be thinking. And yes, you’d know every way to please her, but you’ll also know every way you disappoint her. And sure, some may say that if you know what you’re failing at in life, you can improve on it. And sure, if what you’re failing at is failing to nibble on her earlobe, then, fine, improve away. But, if you’re failing in – erm, in – you know, ‘other’ areas, what the hell can you do about that? Of course, some may say that one shouldn’t be with a woman who cares about ‘that’, but that would only leave what, ooh, let’s say one or two percent of the all women on Earth? Thems not great odds, I tells ya…

And what about other hate? There’s something about everyone that someone else doesn’t like. It may be something minor, but nobody is perfect. And that’s fine! Of course it is. Humanities foibles are endearing in a funny sort of way, aren’t they? “Oh, that Jack – what a chatterbox! Never stops talking!” Of course, ‘foibles’ is a very specific word. You know, being a chatterbox is a foible, committing genocide isn’t. Obviously.

The point is, you’d know who hates you and what they hate about you. All those friends speaking ill of you. It would be truly awful. “Ah, Jimmy, my bestest pal in the whole wide world! Known each other for what, ooh, over 30 years, now? He was the DJ at my daughter’s 20th birthday party last year.” ‘God, I’m glad he doesn’t know that his daughter is actually mine.’ You see! That’s what would happen if we could read minds! Maybe. I don’t know a lot about the human race, but I assume soap opera plots are accurate…

Thoughts are chaos, too. If you can’t turn off the mind reading, then you are royally screwed. A billion discordant thoughts racing through your mind. It would be like a circus in a hall of mirrors in an M.C. Escher painting. You’d be driven insane. And even if you can control what you hear and what you don’t, the mental trauma will be staggering. Humans are fragile. You’ll be an emotional wreck and you’ll start distrusting everyone. No good could come of it. The invasion of privacy will alienate everyone you know, and they will find out. You’ll be left isolated and living a life of total solitude. You would be driven to a state beyond miserable, a state no one would ever want to find themselves in.

So no, I do not wish I could read minds and in fact, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Ciao :)(:

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