What Are Your Thoughts on Yodelling?

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Yodelling. That thing the Swiss do like, all the time. But there’s more to the yodel than this. Why, it’s also the name of a delivery company who are terrible at picking up and delivering. And everything in-between. And that’s not slanderous, because there is video evidence of this online. It’s also not slanderous because I actually meant libellous, but never mind. Yodelling is a form of singing that involves rapid changes of pitch in one’s voice. And sure, it evokes images of rural alpine locations across Europe. And sure, it’s utterly hilarious. And sure, it’s the vocal equivalent of Morris dancing. But maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe we should learn to love the yodel. The singing, that is. Not the God-awful company. What? Hey, I never let anything go. I remember that pencil you leant off me, Adam. I don’t care if it was 14 years ago, I still want it back…

I apologise to yodel fans. Yodeloons, if you will. Oh, man, that’s a great name for them. It’s not the most loved musical style but oh my word, it’s so impressive. It’s a difficult technique to master. I don’t think enough people appreciate that. I can’t even mimic it. And yes, I’m sure you’d love me to post a video of myself attempting it, but that aint happening.

It’s performed all over the world, from Switzerland, to France, to America. And it aint dead by any stretch of the imagination. It’s still alive and used in all genres of music. There’s even a 12-year-old American girl yodelling on the YouTube. That’s insane!

Yodelling originated in Africa, when humans started experimenting with their voices. There wasn’t a lot to do back then. Perhaps they were amusing themselves. By the 16th century, farmers were using it on the Swiss Alps to call their livestock. By the 1930s, it had evolved into singing and it became a mainstay of early country music. In 1939, Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds released ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. Which features yodelling! And I bet you love that song! Who doesn’t? I mean, okay, the movie that made it famous 55 years after its release was shit, but that song was rather good…

Yodelling also featured in ‘Mars Attacks!’ in the song ‘Indian Love Call’, sung by Slim Whitman, a cover of a 1924 song used in the musical ‘Rose-Marie’. There’s even a Swiss rock band named ‘Sonalp’ that yodel. Sometimes. Yodelling deserves far more credit than it gets, I think. For God’s sake, love the yodel! Why not, eh? It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s a tad nuts. But none of that matters. It puts a smile on your face and anything that does that deserves praising, in my humble opinion.

What are my thoughts on yodelling? God, it’s awesome…

Ciao :)(:

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