Why Do All Nerds Look the Same?

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Come on, you’ve never wondered this? Intellectuals. Interested in activities many would describe as weird. Into science and maths. Comic books and trading cards. Into non-mainstream music. Social and physically awkward. The victims of bullying. Glasses. Braces. Acne. High trousers. Various medical problems. Women hate them. Oh, women are a sore subject among the nerd community. But I’m not one. I mean, sure, I wear glasses and women hate me. And I have a variety of medical problems. And I love my comic books and science fiction. And I was bullied a little. And I hate mainstream music. It’s all just noise these days. But I’m not an intellectual. So, if I am a nerd, I’m a dumb nerd, and that’s the only thing that’s worse than being a nerd. Apparently. But why do we all look the same? Is there a scientific reason or is the image we have of nerds false? Hmm… A curious one, is this…

One could say that nature breeds the nerd. Why does the nerd need to look so attractive if they are already at the top of their game? People look good to attract a partner and procreate, from nature’s perspective. Whereas looks aren’t as important if you are ridiculously intelligent, at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Nature gives nerds bigger and better brains at the expense of a perfect face. But this doesn’t matter. The less intelligent are the ones who need the good looks. Nature breeds intelligence and complexity. If you’re already intelligent, nature’s job is done. If you’re not intelligent, nature needs to make you a bit more ‘appealing’.

Some disagree with this theory and they say that groups stick together and procreate together. The nerd will seek out the nerd. The jock will seek out the cheerleader. The nerd would never seek out the cheerleader because that’s a ludicrous notion. Come several generations of nerdy procreation, it’s highly likely that that future person, descended from the nerd, will look ‘nerdy’. Our experiences in life shape us, too. Being gorgeous and surrounded by gorgeous girls will naturally give us confidence. Persuade us to impress and take up sports and interesting hobbies. Whereas the intellectuals impress others of their ilk equally by being good at chess and by being into science fiction. And if they breed, well, their kids and their children’s children will all look the same. Glasses and acne. Genetics causing generations of nerds and jocks.

Yet it’s nearly impossible to define a nerd, isn’t it? Nerds don’t really look that alike. I mean, they may share certain traits, but they are as varied as the flowers beneath our feet. People say nerds look different from ‘normal’ people, but what is normal? Surely, all humans look different and therefore none of us are, in fact, ‘normal’. Unattractive? Many nerds aren’t and everybody on the planet has had or will have someone interested in them on a romantic level. So, unattractive? By who’s measure? Bad hygiene? Not true. I have smelt some very lovely smelling nerds in my time. Don’t ask me why. Very intelligent? And? That’s not a bad thing at all. No interest in sex? Trust me, some are very active in that respect. Nerds do it more than anyone else. A lot more than you’d realise. And who cares if someone isn’t interested in sex? It’s not the be all and end all, you know.

Perhaps it’s Hollywood or social conditioning that has given us the impression of all nerds looking alike. I don’t know, but it’s certainly bullshit. We’re all unique. Who cares what others think? Nerds are most certainly cool. And that’s all that matters, really.

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