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Singapore FlagSingapore Wonder 1Singapore Wonder 2It last gained independence in 1963. It has the fourth highest life expectancy of any county in the world, at 83 years. The most common names are Nicholas and Rachel, for men and women respectively. They are the world’s largest exporter of ornamental fish. Home of the world’s second tallest Ferris wheel, standing at 541 feet high. Singaporeans are the fastest walkers of any country on Earth, clocking up at a speed of 3.82 miles-per-hour, about how fast a bumblebee flies. And it’s the home of the World Toilet Organisation. Today, we’re in the Garden City, Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore is a cosmopolitan, modern and prosperous island country in Southeast Asia, made up of one main island and 62 smaller islands, its nearest neighbours being Malaysia and Indonesia. It is the 176th largest country on Earth at 276 square miles, with the 113th largest population with just over five million people. The name of the country is derived from the Malay word ‘Singapura’, itself derived from the Sanskrit words ‘singa’ or ‘lion’ and ‘pura’ or ‘city’. The motto of the country is ‘Majulah Singapura’, which is Malay for ‘Onward, Singapore’.

The red colour on the flag symbolises ‘universal brotherhood and the equality of man’, and the white, ‘pervading and everlasting purity and virtue’. The crescent Moon represents ‘a young nation on the ascendant’. The five stars stand for the nation’s ideals of democracy, equality, justice, peace and progress.

Whilst this tropical and tiny land is heavily urbanised, it’s famous for its greenery, home to four nature reserves and more than 300 parks. A country also famed for its land reclamation, having grown nearly 55 square miles since 1960 and expected to grow by another 40 in the next 18 years. A land of hills, valleys and sandy flat plains. An affluent world of art and leisure, a legendary melting pot of cuisine from around the world. Singaporeans also love their sport, in particular, football, basketball and cricket. This is a place characterised by its extreme diversity, a friendly land of racial and religious harmony. A lovely country indeed.

There are sights to see such as Cavenagh Bridge, opened in 1870, a simple yet graceful structure, whispering soulful songs. Then there’s the Singapore Flyer, the largest Ferris wheel on Earth for six years, a stunning and admirable gem standing tall and proud along the water’s edge. A testament to outstanding human achievement.

And then there’s the Masjid Sultan, a gorgeous mosque that opened in 1826. Its striking white facade picked out with threads of gold are indicative of a grandeur and elegance that one would find hard not to be enamoured by. A quite mirable beauty.

But I think the best sight of the country is the Supertree Grove, an utterly captivating and ethereal futuristic masterpiece plucked from some advanced alien world, a supreme, grand and luscious creation surrounded by the most sumptuous greenery. Huge manmade tree-like structures jutting out dramatically from the landscape, the tallest being 160 feet high. They form part of the Gardens by the Bay nature park, surely one of humanities greatest modern age achievements, covering 250 acres. And these trees, surely the highlight of the endeavour, truly remarkable, nepenthe and wonderful marvels. So incredibly divine.

Singapore. The country of greenery, peace and very clean toilets.

Ciao :)(:

Images (Click on Them to Enlarge)
1) The flag of Singapore

2) The Supertree Grove at night

3) The Supertree Grove during the day

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