Would You Go to a Parallel World?

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Lerina Garcia. A Spanish woman who claims to be from a parallel world. She went to bed one night and woke up the next day, like anyone else. But her bed sheets were different. Her name was not on her office door at work. She was meant to be in a different department reporting to someone she’d never even heard of. She had no memory of changing department. She had no alcohol or drugs in her system. Her partner had gone missing. He wasn’t where she remembered him living and his phone number didn’t even exist. But she was still with her ex. Or a man she thought was her ex. It was attributed to stress. But it certainly wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, nor was it the last…

In 1990, a man arrived in Japan on a flight. He had a passport from a country that didn’t exist and had never existed. But the passport was genuine. It had stamps on it from Japan, stamped by customs officials on previous visits. The man was detained. He claimed Europe had existed for over 1,000 years. He had currency from several European countries. He spoke many languages. He was certain a practical joke was being played on him. After 14 hours of interrogation, he was transported to a local hotel. Guards were posted on his door. He was not allowed to leave. Yet the next morning, he was gone. The only exit was the door. 15 floors up. A manhunt was ordered, but he was never found.

Many point to these tales as proof that parallel worlds indeed exist. Some of these people point toward ghostly sightings as proof. And others point to déjà vu. What the hell is that all about? And there’s more. Déjà vecu. An intense and recurring feeling of déjà vu. Far more detailed. Not just a vague sensation, rather, you are there. In a different place and in a different time. Déjà senti, having felt something before. Déjà entendu, feeling as if one has heard something before. And déjà visite, a sensation of being somewhere before, a place you know for a fact you have never been before. And ‘alter vu’ is someone who remembers their life differently, such as the Japan guy and Garcia. There are things in life that confuse, scare and confound us, aren’t there?

Some even think dreams and especially lucid dreams are windows into a different world. Nobody is saying any of these things are true, only that they are bloody weird, aren’t they? There are things we’ll likely never truly get a grasp on. There are so many things humanity will never know or will never be able to know. One such thing is the existence of a parallel Earth. A subject that remains a complete and utter mystery. But I think they exist. Why not? It’s entirely possible and you never know, we may already have proof of it. The ‘alternates’ may already be walking among us…

Would I be one of them? Walking among fellow humans on Earth 2? Nope. It terrifies me. Okay, the Japan guy probably wasn’t here from a different world and Garcia was under a lot of stress, but imagine if those stories were real. I’d be terrified. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip. And the thing is, you don’t know if the parallel world is all roses and puppies. It might be a totalitarian slave state for all you know. It’s a big risk jumping into the unknown. One I’m certainly not brave enough to take.

But would you go to a parallel world, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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