Would You Join a Nudist Camp?

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Nudity! Let’s talk about nudity, readers. The act of being as naked as the day we were born. I’m assuming. I can’t remember. I mean, I don’t know, someone could’ve been standing there with a jumper ready for me to slide in to after I popped out. I’m not really sure. But nakedness is not often something we like to talk about in Britain. We are reserved and proud of our clothing. It would take a lot of convincing to convince a Brit to remove their clothes. Unless there’s a chance of sex. But even then, the socks would certainly stay on…

I don’t want to offend the nudists, so I’ll say from the start that I mean no offense in calling you nudists. Some prefer it to naturists, others don’t. But I’m not calling you one or the other for any kind of hidden agenda. Equal rules apply to the term ‘nudist camp’. Other terms include nudist community, nudist colony and naturist community. It’s just that I grew up hearing the terms ‘nudist’ and ‘camp’. But what is one?

Well, duh, it’s a place full of naked people. Well, now that’s cleared up…

There are many misconceptions about the life of a nudist. The one that keeps cropping up is that these communities are places of raw and unadulterated sexual energy. Not true at all, readers. It’s strictly prohibited, in fact. And as for sexual arousal? Apparently, it’s very rare. Bathing suits draw the eye toward our fun organs, but the lack of a bathing suit has the opposite effect. I say ‘apparently’. I’ve never been in one of these places because, as I mentioned, I’m British. But it’s what I hear, which certainly differs from the perception.

It’s also not true that these places are entirely occupied by super attractive people, your supermodels and hunks, so I’d fit right in. And naturists are not naked all the time. I’m reliably informed that they do wear clothes at barbecues, hugely beneficial if there’s a strong breeze and stray embers. Ouchy.

Look, nakedness is as old as time itself. For as long as there have been humans, humans have been naked. It’s not something I would do and yes, I would feel incredibly uncomfortable in one of these communities, but I have nothing against those who chose to do it. They find it freeing and relaxing, so good for them. In life, you can’t let anyone stand in the way of doing what you enjoy doing and that’s a message the naturists give us. To be free.

So no, I would not join a nudist camp, but respect to those who do. You’re far braver than I…

Ciao :)(:

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