Does the Partridge Creek Monster Exist?

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The Partridge Creek Monster1903. Yukon, Canada. James Butler, a banker from San Francisco, and a local gold prospector named Tom Leemore, were out hunting large moose near Clear Creek. Suddenly, they heard a moose emit a loud and alarming screech. The two men then saw three moose running as fast as they could. They were stunned. Moose don’t easily frighten. They ran to where the moose had been, through the thick snow. And they found the impression of a huge creature. They had no idea what it was. A few days later, a search party went out on the hunt for the mysterious creature. They decided to rest. All of sudden, an enormous roar rocked the still night. The hunters grabbed their rifles, pointing them at the darkness. One of the party, now with a pale face and a hand shaking, pointed into the distance. And there for all to see was a monster. A creature long thought dead…

The creature clambered up the steep slope of the ravine. It was most mad. Covered in thick mud, its hide covered in coarse, black bristles. Blood and saliva oozed from its huge jaws. Its snout adorned with a huge horn, like that of a rhino. Many of the party ran in terror, as you’d imagine. They hid behind huge boulders dotted around the landscape. Others stood and gawped in stunned silence. And what broke it were the words of Father Lavagneux, a priest travelling with the group. He screamed, “A Ceratosaurus… It’s a Ceratosaurus of the Arctic Circle!”

A Ceratosaurus was a most foul beast. A flesh-eating dinosaur that walked on two feet, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, only much, much larger. The Father, a dinosaur fanatic, was sure of what he saw. But how could it be that a dinosaur was still alive after all those years? Nobody had time for a debate. As the scared group looked on, the creature stood tall, arched its back inwards, raised its head skywards, and let out an almighty, bloodcurdling roar. Several men collapsed to the ground, their hands over their ears. But when the noise had silenced and they stood once more, the dinosaur was gone.

There were no more sightings until 1907, when Father Lavagneux saw the beast once more. In the same area on Christmas Eve. In his company were 10 indigenous people who all saw the dinosaur. Matching the description of the 1903 sighting to the letter. And there it was again. Carrying a deceased caribou in its fierce jaws. It also left tracks that matched those seen in 1903.

Thereafter, there were no more sightings of the ‘dinosaur’. But could such a creature still exist? The dinosaurs were wiped out, but maybe some survived. How one could survive for so long and go unnoticed is a bizarre quandary. Not to mention the fact that an endothermic creature of such description in such a landscape as that of Canada could not be farther from its natural habitat. It’s perhaps not much of a surprise that not many give much credit to this tale. But there’s no denying large groups of people indeed saw something. A dinosaur from long ago? Unlikely, of course. But something else coupled with the power of suggestibility on a cold dark night? Maybe that explains it. Something was most certainly out there. But what? We’ll never know…

So I’ll give this creature a 134 on my new and improved Cryptid-o-Meter, putting it 11th in
the list of 32, with the Basilisk still bottom and the Beast of Gévauden still holding top spot.

The Partridge Creek Monster. A fascinating cryptid indeed.

Ciao :)(:

Image (Click on It to Enlarge)
1) An artist’s drawing of the Partridge Creek Monster, carrying the caribou in its jaws

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  1. Maybe it does maybe it never did.
    If it is real the best starting point would be to post listening devices all throughout that area where it had been reported. Then check them later to see if any sounds described by the supposed witnesses are there.

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