Did the Oakville Blobs Exist?

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Oakville, Washington State. A small, quiet and unassuming place. In 1994, it was rocked by a thunderstorm of almighty power. It was late in summer and the day had been hot and sticky. Come the night, the pitter-patter of raindrops started to fall upon the city, a most glorious relief. Soon, the sprinkles of water became a deluge. The gutters flowing with rain, the water a blessed comfort, soothing the sweaty skin of the local folks. Soon, those people began to notice something strange. Something falling from the sky that wasn’t rain. Something that wasn’t like anything any of the townspeople had seen before. Huge translucent gelatinous blobs started blanketing the farm of Sunny Barclift. Soon, Barclift’s mother, Dotty Hearn, started feeling nauseas and dizzy. She was rushed to hospital. All the while, all over town, the blobs kept falling, and so did the people. It wasn’t long before the residents knew that something most unusual was happening to sleepy old Oakville…

Over the next few weeks, these mushy blobs fell six more times, all over town. Many people fell violently ill, and many possessed other problems besides nausea and dizziness. Difficulty breathing. Extreme vertigo. Blurred visions. All symptoms many reported after contact with the blobs. Many of the townspeople also fell ill with an illness similar to the flu, which lasted for months and months.

Doctors were quick to quash the fear and panic raging throughout the city. Dr. David Litle put Dotty Hearn’s condition down to inner ear problems and thought the contact with the blobs was merely a coincidence. Similar explanations were offered for the condition of others in town, but many weren’t convinced. Barclift’s kitten died after contact with one of the blobs, as did many more cats and dogs in the area. It wasn’t long before wild theories began to circulate.

After running tests, Dr. Litle said the blobs contained human white blood cells. Barclift contacted Mike Osweiler of the Washington State Department, encouraging him to examine the substance. With concern mounting, the State Department discovered that the blobs did contain something resembling white blood cells, but, strangely, had no nuclei, something white blood cells most certainly have.

Many in the city blamed the military. They had conducted highly secretive bombing runs just 50 miles away out in the ocean, in the dark depths of night. Perhaps these runs hit a smack of jellyfish or something similar. Perhaps what was left of the creatures was ‘absorbed’ into a rain cloud and fell upon Oakville. Scientists say, however, that the number of blobs that fell couldn’t have come from one or even two smacks of jellyfish. Some, such as Dr. Litle, thought the blobs could be waste from an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration rebuffed such claims, saying that airplane waste is dyed blue, a colour the blobs were not.

Others persisted with the military angle. These people went so far as to suggest the military was conducting a vile experiment, testing a new biological weapon. Some have claimed, although none verified, that they saw military helicopters flying over the town in the days leading up to the rainstorm that yielded the blobs. Needless to say, the military have denied all this, but you can’t stop a conspiracy. Many still believe they were the lab rats in a tale of biological warfare.

There are many inconsistencies in this story and much confabulation. No samples of the blobs still exist today, so the question remains. What happened on that August night? Something definitely fell on Oakville. The blobs did exist. But were they an innocent victim of a folly of nature? Was the military involved, either directly or indirectly? Or was it something else, something far stranger than we could possibly imagine?

The mystery has gone unsolved, but the Oakville blobs were, indeed, very much real…

So I’ll give the blobs a 178 on my patented Cryptid-o-Meter, putting them 3rd in the list of 39, with the Basilisk still bottom and the Beast of Gévauden still holding top spot.

The Oakville Blobs. A fascinating cryptid indeed.

Ciao :)(:

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