What Would Your Life Be Like If You Were a Millionaire?

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A million pounds. I can’t imagine such cash. I’m trying to. That said, even if I did win one million pounds, I’d struggle to believe it. A cheque sure wouldn’t convince me. Some sort of representation wouldn’t, either. Like a million chocolate cakes, although I sure would like a million chocolate cakes. Hint, hint. Cough, splutter. And so on. Perhaps the best course of action would be to get the money paid out in full. You know, in like, a hundred sacks with a pound sign on them. I’d then tip them all out on the floor and roll around naked on it for a bit. It sounds like a good plan and, hopefully, would help me to imagine the sheer quantity of my winnings. Let’s just hope I don’t get any paper cuts…

For many, they would give up work in an instant upon winning a sizeable amount of dosh. In reality, you couldn’t give up work if you won a million pounds. Maybe a couple million if you were over 30. You’d only be able to live off a million if you were very old. By the time you take into account how much the government would take off you, you’d only have around half a million. And then there are taxes and such that only the rich have to pay. And student debt? In the UK, when you start university, you’re looking at around 10 grand, minimum, in costs before you’ve even started. And then add on another 20 grand over the following years. And what about mortgages, debt, bills and insurances? Then think of all the purchases you need to buy each year and add up the total cost for the rest of your life. Then add on all the money your friends and family will demand off you. Then take into consideration that we’re living well into our late 70s these days. And then add on all those fancy things you really want. You’ll have nothing left! When it comes to a windfall such as this, one must be careful. And giving up work is not being careful. That’s reckless.

Some would start their own business or invest in some manner or another. A wise choice. However, I don’t have a head for business and I have no idea what investing is. I know many dream of starting their own pub, but can you, really, see me running a pub? I can’t. I don’t have the maths skills for a start and I’m not good with people. Plus, I don’t drink. And then there’s the name to think of. The Hoity-Toity. Actually, that bit wasn’t too hard…

Some would bet it all in a hope of doubling it, but such would be a foolish choice. Others would throw a raging party, but again, not my style. Many would donate much of it to charity and yes, this is a nice idea, but remember, it will go fast. Some to charity is nice, but you need to think about how long it would last. For this reason, buying a desert island wouldn’t be the smartest choice, although some would say that, after the initial purchase of the island, falling off the grid would mean life would be a breeze. Hmm, I don’t think so. You need to be intelligent for that, one thing I am most certainly not.

Money can change a man to the point of cruelty and selfishness. A life of material wealth and moral ambiguity. It’s easy to lose sight of what it takes to be human. However, a person of wealth can change the world. The rich are often victims of one evil or another. Not many live a noble life. It’s important to remember to live a simple and respectable life if that life is one of wealth. That said, nobody really knows how money could change us.

It’s important not to take money too seriously, either. Sure, one can spend it and earn it. But one should never let it rule the roost. Perhaps using it to make oneself better is a good idea. Take up that hobby you could never afford to do. Try something new. Travel the world. Why do you need a Ferrari when that trip around the mountains of Tibet could change your life? Become a better person and perhaps, make the world a better place. Make the world smile in life, and they’ll smile with you.

This is the dilemma of the millionaire. Something sensible or something stupid. Put it in the bank or build a chocolate palace on the Moon. I don’t know what that is, no. But it’s interesting to think how it would change you. That comes down to what you’d do with it, and, you know me, I’d put it in the bank. I wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t want people to treat me differently or become a friend because of the money. Money is abrasive, it cannot rule the heart. That’s what I’d try to make my life like if I were a millionaire.

Of course, initially, after winning the million, I’d be running around in circles, screaming, but that excitement would wear off after a couple weeks, I’m sure…

But what would you life be like if you were a millionaire, readers?

Ciao :)(:

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