Would X-Ray Vision Really Be So Good?

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The perverts among you will undoubtedly be imagining a life of x-ray vision to be one rather gnarly in nature, clearly failing to realise that all you’d actually see is the skeleton of the person you’re staring at on the bus. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone turned on by a skeleton. Well, I mean, there was this one guy… actually, it’s not important. X-ray vision! Of course, human beings do not have x-ray vision. In fact, such is a fundamental misunderstanding of how our vision works. To see anything, light must travel from said something into our eye, a receiver of light. Nothing comes from our eyes, especially x-ray vision. In fact, if you woke up one day and things started coming out of your eyeballs, I’d seriously consider a trip to the doctors…

So there’s that preventing our super life of x-ray vision. Then there’s the x-rays themselves. X-rays are high speed electrons fired at a metal surface. Meaning even if one had managed to overcome the problems of our eyes not emitting anything, one would be faced with the dilemma of needing an x-ray source. Let’s forget the illogical for a moment and say yes, someone out there can shoot x-rays out of his or her eyes. But without that metal surface behind, all she’d be detecting were natural x-rays, and that would be like a strobe light going off an inch away from your eyeballs. This does not sound so rosy.

But wait a minute! Aren’t there already x-rays floating around? Yes. Oh, you didn’t know that? Yeah, right about now, you’re getting bombarded with x-rays, but the intensity is so tiny you’ll never know it. So it’s not very useful. The truth is, our eyes simply don’t have the focusing optics or the detection capabilities to see x-rays. I don’t know if you’d want to even if you could. I mean, in 1896 scientists started to experiment with x-rays and had to stop in 1906 because most of them were dead. “Well Billy, it’s just the two of us left. Should we bravely soldier on in the name of advancing scientific research? Billy… BILLY! Billy… oh, no. Ah, crap, not again…”

In fact, the only human beings who regularly see x-rays are cancer patients undergoing megavoltage radiotherapy around the head or neck area. All they see are blue lights, greenish-grey sparkles, bright blue and red hues, and, often, brilliant white. I’m sorry for being so logical, but, really, x-ray vision sounds more like a death sentence than anything else.

In truth, most people referring to x-ray vision are probably referring being able to see through things. True x-ray vision will mean you just give people cancer, and that’s not nice at all. So, would it be good to see through things at will?

I can’t think of any reason why it would. It would be the nirvana of perverts and creeps, plus Peeping Toms and the underhanded desperate to get a leg up in society. People desperate to find a lucky scratch card. It cannot be a force for good, only a force for evil. I mean, sure, some would argue that it would come in handy if something was wrong with their car engines or… if they were a superhero. You might see things that are wrong with people, like tumours or an ingrown nail. You might uncover lost treasures buried in the Earth. But human beings cannot be trusted. How many times is new technology created with promises of wonder, like the internet, and soon, it was a porn empire. Just one person misuses it and that’s it, nobody can have it. And someone would misuse it. Give humans the world, and they’ll screw it up. Screw it up real bad…

“You can’t go on ‘seeing through’ things forever. The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it. To ‘see through’ all things is the same as not to see,” one said C.S. Lewis.

Would x-ray vision really be so good? No. Absolutely not. It’s nothing but a bad, bad omen…

But what about you, readers? Do you think x-ray vision would be a good eye-dea?

Ciao :)(:

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