Would You Visit Earth 6?

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At the centre of the beating heart of the world of DC Comics is the multiverse, a vast array of parallel worlds in a vast array of parallel universes, often interacting with one another and affecting one another in ways that makes ones brain turn to mush. Trying to figure all this out is often as easy as trying to figure out why people say that picking up a penny will bring you good luck because let’s face it, pennies have no inherent luckiness that I’m aware of. Hmm. Today, we’re taking a trip to Earth 6, but this is no ordinary story. For you see, this is the tale of several heroes from across the sexy world of Earth 6. And what’s more, this is a rare foray into Marvel’s territory. For you see, Earth 6 is the brainchild of one Stan Lee, known for his general Marvel shenanigans. And there are parts of these stories that make you think… hang on, didn’t I see that in Avengers? Yes. Yes you did. But this is DC. These are its heroes and these are their stories…

In 2001, Stan Lee launched the Just Imagine comics, reimagining all your beloved DC characters, so think of this world as a glimpse at DC if Stan Lee had been in charge. Earth 6 is home to heroes similar in name to the ones we know and love, but are, in fact, very different. Look at one Joan Jordan. A famous fashion model, Jordan was relaxing in her penthouse with Ebony, her cat, when both were struck by a bolt of lightning. It connected the two, increasing Ebony’s intelligence and allowing Joan to move at the speed of a cat. She became… Catwoman. With a super intelligent cat. I like Stan Lee’s madcap DC world, I really do.

Elsewhere on Earth 6, you had Crisis. Which must’ve made the Crisis on Infinite Earths for Crisis a crisis too far. Crisis was a bully, powered by five Dreamworld sapphires, located on his helmet, his armband, his chest piece, his belt and his boot. “You dare attack one who can crush you with but a single thought?” Crisis. Now, is it me, or does this sound suspiciously similar to Marvel’s Thanos? Just asking…

Then there’s Larry Wilton. As a child, Wilton was sick, spending much of his childhood stuck in bed. The only time he smiled was when his mother read him science fiction and fantasy tales. As he slept, he dreamt of those books, but one dream kept recurring. It was of a fairy named Melana and an evil entity trying to kill him. As Wilton grew up, the dreams subsided and his health improved. Wilton began bodybuilding and soon enrolled in MIT. It wasn’t long before he earned a degree in astrophysics.

His aim was become a fighter pilot and he did just that. His record was so good he was chosen to become an astronaut. One day, he was ordered to investigate a strange green mist in orbit over the Earth, but there was a problem. A fuel leak! Wilton had to leave the shuttle but disaster struck when the cord sorta… snapped… sending Wilton out into space. Worse still, the shuttle was hijacked and then it blew up! He was not having a good day.

The force of the blast threw Wilton into the green mist and with oxygen running low, Wilton felt the end was nigh. Strangely, however, he found himself waking up in the very land he dreamt of as a kid. Huh. Whilst running from the Thief of Souls, as you do, he ran into Melana and he became… The Sandman. Every time Wilton dreams, he enters a fantasy world we’ve encountered before… Dreamword. Wilton was the chosen one of the Dreamworld realm and he would go on to become its champion, defeating the Dreamlord.

Then there was Ramon Raymond, a marine biologist and environmentalist working in California with his girlfriend, Amelia. However, during one ocean expedition, he was exposed to a strange, green substance, one that was glowing. Soon, Raymond found himself transformed into living… water. Raymond was forced to use his newfound abilities to protect his girlfriend from pirates, obviously, and it wasn’t long before he was calling himself… Aquaman.

Wayne Williams’ father was a policeman. Predictably, as is so often the way with parents in the world of DC, he was shot and killed. Gang leader ‘Handz’ (woeful) set up Williams as the murderer, framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Williams vowed revenge on Handz and, whilst in prison, Williams became close to a scientist named Frederick Grant. Ah, yes. A scientist. Must be loads of those in prison, right?

Grant taught Williams how to ‘develop his mind’ as well as sewing and bodybuilding. That’s one hell of a wheelhouse. As if Williams’ life couldn’t get any worse, whilst in prison, his mother also died. Believing Handz was to blame, all Williams needed was to get out of prison and exact his most foul revenge. So he saved a warden and he was given a full pardon. Oh, is that how it works? Cool.

Despite being a tough nut, Williams feared Handz would kill him too, so Williams kept on the low. He even shaved his head. Needing money, Williams did what any of us would do and got a loan – no, wait, he became a wrestler, one of the name… Batman. He made sure never to unmask in public and in a few short weeks, Batman was the biggest name in wrestling and had become one of the world’s richest men.

Grant had also been released and Williams trusted him with his secret. Williams had the money. The skills. Even the strength to fight Handz. Along with Grant, the two became partners. It wasn’t long before they tracked down Handz, brutally beating the living snot out of him. Worse still, Handz slipped during the altercation and fell to his death. With that out of the way, ‘Batman’ began a mission of justice, fighting crime and protecting the innocent…

“And just for the record… I have no superpowers. I am as human as you… maybe even more so.” Batman.

Meanwhile, over in Peru, Maria Mendoza was busy working as an activist, protesting against the ruthless excavation of an ancient holy site in Cuzco. The man in charge of the entire operation was one Armando Guitez, who sought the ancient runes within the holy site, said to bring about amazing power, enough to rule the world. In what is turning out to be a bit of bloodbath, Mendoza’s father was killed by Guitez, and much like Batman, Mendoza wanted vengeance.

Also there was one Steve Trevor, an archaeologist from Los Angeles who had travelled to Cuzco to work to protect a lost Incan Temple. His work was funded by Guitez, but despite that, Trevor worked hard to protect the runes Guitez was trying to destroy. He and Mendoza became good friends, but he warned against vengeance. Guitez was a dangerous man but Mendoza wanted blood.

At her request, Trevor took Mendoza to Guitez’s work site, where she stumbled upon two runes. Unfortunately for her, Guitez was already there. He shattered the Dark Rune, gaining the mystical powers of dark spirits. Trevor took Mendoza deep into the ruins to protect her, but soon the pair was found and Guitez wasted no time in wasting Trevor, one bullet to the stomach. Panicked and holding on to a dear friend bleeding out on the floor, Mendoza found herself drawn to another rune, one of the light spirits. Shattering the rune as Guitez had done earlier, Mendoza found herself whisked away by the Sun God of the Incan people. Obviously.

The Sun God gave her a golden staff, which imbued her with incredible powers. This couldn’t save poor Trevor, who died in her arms. Maria vowed to avenge him and so she chased Guitez to Los Angeles, where he had fled. There, she battled with Guitez under the name Wonder Woman, taking the fight to the skies where she impaled Guitez on a church spire, eradicating his malicious spirits. But unlike Batman, she returned to normal life. A new resident of L.A. with a job at a local paper.

Professor Leonard Lewis was a handsome, successful instructor at L.A. University, teaching archaeology to his students. Deciding to take his studies abroad, he found himself in Africa, searching for the Tree of Life. As you do. One of his students, Cathy Warren, had decided to tag along. What Prof didn’t know was that Warren had been ordered to follow him by evil mastermind Reverend Darrk. Regardless, Prof and Warren found themselves in Central Africa, near the Congo. They arrived at a dig-site abandoned by Cragg Crogor, one of Darrk’s failed lackeys. Suddenly, the pair found themselves facing down Crogor, who attacked the Prof and Warren. She was taken hostage and as for the Prof? Remember that green mist? He found himself amongst it.

Leaving the Prof dazed, he stumbled upon the Tree of Life he was so keen to find. It gave him incredible powers, saving his life. Elsewhere, Warren revealed to Crogor that they were working for the same person. Returning to L.A. with the Prof after being released, she abandoned him when he started harping on about magic.

Seeing this new man as a threat, Crogor attacked him, to rid himself of a curse placed upon him by Darrk. You can probably guess what happened next. Yup, a giant animatronic dinosaur attacked L.A. to draw out the Prof. So he fought back, trying to rescue Warren. Sadly, the dinosaur crushed her so that didn’t end well. Seeking to avenge her, still not realising she was a rat, the Prof was driven to Crogor’s doorstep to apprehend him. But he was captured because the dinosaur took a lot out of him. To be honest, that’s the best result. He was lucky not to be ripped apart…

On the way to Darrk’s church, the Church of Eternal Empowerment, the Prof was able to ‘recharge’ and he burst free. Crogor, a very sick man, died in the Prof’s arms with Darrk watching in those famed mists. The Prof, completely exhausted from the last few days, retreated into space to contemplate everything that had happened. But he would return, one day, and become a superhero. One of the name… Green Lantern! Oh, I like this Green Lantern. I don’t like the regular one. Now, that might change if he fights a dinosaur.

But I know who we’re all here for. What about Salden? Yes, I heard you loud and clear. Salden. Salden was a Law Bringer on his home planet, noted for refusing the genetic enhancements common on his world in favour of stopping crime with his intelligence and strength. His wife was named Lyella, but as is becoming a theme today in regards to loved ones, she was horribly, horribly murdered. Her killer was the famed Gundor Gorrok, an inter-galactic space criminal. Salden wanted revenge

Gorrok was an escaped convict, a criminal with a grudge against Salden after he arrested Gorrok years earlier. Salden followed Gorrok to Earth, but after he arrived, Salden realised he had incredible powers due to the planet’s lower gravity. He wanted his revenge so he could return home and honour his wife’s memory. But there was something strange about ‘Earth’. Crime was rampant and Salden couldn’t leave. He wanted to bring peace to Earth to allow its people to focus their efforts on building a nifty space program. Huh.

Salden’s ‘talents’ were discovered by one Lois Lane, who became Salden’s manager and publicist. Lane was ruthless, perceived as shallow and not in line with Salden’s ideals. Despite that, he valued her as a prime resource. “When Lois Lane is your agent, your butt’s always protected.” She gave him a new name, Superman, and he adopted the alias Clark Kent as a ‘human name’. Meanwhile, Reverend Darrk, that old bastard, decided to aid Gorrok. Together, they threatened world war by kidnapping a Chinese dignitary and framing the entire United States government.

Superman, of course, was able to stop Gorrok and save the dignitary. In the aftermath, Gorrok was buried underneath tons of rubble during an accident involving a rocket launcher. Of course. Superman had gained public recognition and respect. He decided the best way to honour Lyella was to protect the Earth, its people and save it from any threats. “I want to be the mightiest, the best. I want my exploits to be as strong as my love for you,” he said, to a photo of Lyella. Awww.

But what of Mary Maxwell? Oh, she’s worth a mention. One day, a normal woman, the next, a syringe full of hummingbird DNA was thrust into her and she gained the power of incredible speed, capable of dodging bullets, punching twenty times a second and travelling faster than the speed of light. She had become The Flash. Part woman, part hummingbird. God I love Stan Lee.

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention Robin. Ah, no one cares about Robin…

But would I visit Earth 6? You know, I would just to see the robot dinosaur, but this is a great world indeed. It’s a glimpse at the greatest comic characters of all time through the eyes of one of the greatest comic book geniuses to have graced our world, an odd but utterly captivating look at the likes of Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman and even Superman if Stan Lee had invented them. And I love them all. Sure, the world of Earth 6 is only based on Lee’s earlier work, but what a world, indeed. Yes, there’s a lot of death but this is DC so that’s to be expected. Everything about this world is incredible. I can’t help but love it and I think if you’re a comic book nerd like me, then you probably will too. COME ON! Part hummingbird for heaven’s sake!

So yes, I would love a visit to Earth 6, but would you, readers?

Ciao :)(:

Image (Click on It to Enlarge)
1) The heroes of Earth 6 – from right to left, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Salden/Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and my personal favourite, The Flash…
(credit: dc.wikia.com/wiki/Earth_6)

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