Blog Map

pin56 (2)Hello, and welcome to the Blog Map. Here, you’ll find a guide to what’s what and where’s where and so forth and so on. Listed below are the pages and a brief description of what’s on them. Thanks for stopping by!

Where you’ll find the opening paragraph of the latest post, a bit about me, blog statistics and links to my other blog. You can comment or like a post by visiting the archives page, where you can also follow this blog.

The post vault, the home of all my previous posts.

Who Am I?
This page contains information about me, why I created this blog and what I hope to achieve from it. Think of this page as a way to get to know little bit about me.

Blogs I Love
This page contains a list of blogs and sites that I love for a wide variety of reasons. This is my chance to share with you some of my very favourite blogs that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Cryptid List
This page contains the Top 10 and Bottom 3 cryptids from my Cryptid Series of questions, where I take a look at the most mysterious, unusual and colourful tales of bizzare creatures and beasts roaming various lands of our world, plus links to each post.

This page contains a list of every place I’ve shone the spotlight on in my Spotlight series of questions, where I look at fun facts and figures of various places around the world before deciding on my favourite wonder of that place, plus links to each post.

Contact Me
A page where you can find information on how to contact me privately.

This page is where I give the obligatory credits for various images I’ve used across this blog. If there is an image I’ve used where I haven’t given credit, I can assure you it is accidental and I will rectify this mistake if you contact me with the credit information I should’ve given for using the image. Thank you.

Blog Map
Hmm, probably fairly obvious, this one.

Three Words from Me
If you wish to like or comment on a post and you are on the ‘Archives’ page, you’ll need to click on the title of the post to be taken to a new page where you can comment and like to your heart’s content beneath the post. There’s also a ‘follow’ button on the top right.

If you have any comments unrelated to a post, please post it on the contact me page.

As always, any feedback regarding anything is very welcome.



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