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email19Hello. I presume you have read the ‘Who Am I?’ page. You haven’t? Go on then. It’ll only take you a minute. I’ll wait here. I have books to read. Bye, bye.

Oh hello, and welcome back. I’m Ally, as you now know, and I feel it’s important to have a contact page. No idea why I think that, but here it is. If there’s anything (pleasant) that you’d like to say to me, or if there’s something want to talk about, or if you have any questions for me, or you have (nice) suggestions about any of my three blogs, and you feel it’s inappropriate or likewise to put as a comment, please drop me a message in the box below. The comment will only be seen by me, as it’ll be sent as an email to my email. If you want re-contacting, you may need to leave an email. Don’t worry, I won’t give it to spammers. Well, depends how much they offer (kidding).

(Be nice).