What Are the Spotlights?

favorite21 (1)You may have noticed something odd about this blog about questions. Admittedly, that’s a pretty long list of oddities, but, never mind that. Occasionally, I do a series of questions named ‘In the Spotlight’. These aren’t questions, which, sure, seems strange for a blog dedicated to questions. Well, I used to do a popular series looking at my favourite wonders from around the world. When that ended, the ‘Spotlights’ took over. Now there are so damn many of them, I’ve decided to put them here in a nice little collection for you guys. No idea why. You might notice that they are numbered, but they’re not numbered in order. Long, long story. Best not think about it, really…

Each new Spotlight, I shine the spotlight onto a country, or a state, or a place, or a territory, or a something somewhere, looking at the fun facts and figures of each place before deciding on my personal favourite wonder of that place. This series will end, too, and when that day comes, you may wonder why I’ve missed so many places. It’s deliberate. I refuse to do a question on places rich in violence, crime, political unrest, socially unjust, ultra conservative, war torn, and Germany. No offence to the Germans, but we English aren’t overly fond of you…

On rare occasions, if I can’t find enough information out about a place I won’t do it, but, most of the time, it’s because of one of the reasons above. It’s why Texas will never be on this list, come to think of it.

I’ve grouped the places I’ve visited on my little trips around the world to make it nice and easy for you to have a look around.

Enjoy :)


American States


British Crown Dependencies / Overseas Territories




Kingdom of Denmark


Spanish Kingdom

The French Republic

The Kingdom of The Netherlands

The United Kingdom