Are You Funky?

Post 340

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Me? Oh yes, of course. Bright clothes and a loud sense of dance. Flares so large one could park a strobe light inside. Far out hair as big as the mirror ball above the dance floor I grace regularly with ridiculous polyester clothing. I was skinney, can you dig it? But man, all that is complete bogue. Sadly, thy funk has never been felt. I am about as much of a Casanova as a dang foxy freak-out. And I don’t know about you, but that is as about as righteous as a spiffy sprung square. I have literally no idea what most of this paragraph means. It’s completely zooky-zooky zomba, readers.

As you can tell, funk is hardly me. Nobody will ever call me funky. Unless I have a child and teach them that word. But I think raising a child with a ‘70s mentality is far from… wizard. I promise, I’ll stop now. Dudes. But that’s my point. What is the funk? Funk here in little old England means little more than a musty mouldy smell. And that’s my point. On top of a point. In a pointy-point thingamabob. What is funk? Funky has a million definitions.

There’s the odour. The smoke in jazz clubs to which funk acquired its name. Hip. Which I’m reliably informed by the youth is a dandy slice of terminology. Originality and faddishness. Eccentric, vulgar, atypical or outlandish behaviour. Music. Clothes. Literature. Different. Weird, odd or nasty. Good or brilliant. Funky town. Abstract. Neat. Nifty. A colourful blending of styles and culture. Passionate. It’s incredibly subjective.

Funky in this context probably does refer to the swinging ‘60s and nonchalant ‘70s. With all the stuff in the first paragraph. Probably. If I knew what any of it meant. In that context, no, I’m not funky, but you can’t rule it out. Because, well, it’s varied and rich in definition, depth and texture. So maybe I am funky. Funky is a variety of funk. And it’s cool to be funky. And considering how wide and far reaching it is, I think it’s wonderful. We are all funky in some way or another.

So yes. Maybe I am funky. Maybe not in the discothèque sense, but in some other sense, it’s certainly a possibility. Funky, funky old me.

Are you funky readers? I think you probably are…

Happy New Year :)(:

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